Brain In Training MONA MBBS and CAVEHILL Summer School 2022

We are the Gold Standard🥇 in Tutoring that has provided academic support for the MBBS students of the Mona, Cave Hill, & St. Augustine campuses of the University of the West Indies through our famous exam crash course program for many years.

Worried about going into Med School unprepared?😞 Want to make the transition from High School to University easier?🩺

We have the solution for YOU❗️

Get ahead of the pack this semester🐺  as we ensure you have all you need to survive MedSchool!

Your Journey to success begins with Brain In Training’s Online Summer School via Zoom starting on July 12th, 2021!

We begin with 3 FREE Sessions so that you can get a feel of the BIT magic✨ as we ensure that you get the perfect introduction to key concepts of your major Year 1 Semester 1 courses.

Benefits of joining Brain in Training’s 🧠 Summer School:

🔸Quality tutoring by professionals who have completed the programme.👨‍⚕️
🔸Affordable classes PLUS FREE classes as apart of our Free Class Initiative.
🔸Mock cases and questions through tailored quizzes📚 to ensure complete understanding.
🔸An interactive and inventive way of teaching that brings back the fun to online classes.
🔸Recordings and course material available on our website. (Don’t worry about missing a class!)
🔸Being apart of a student-oriented movement whose goal is to help you become the best doctor possible.👨‍⚕️

JOIN THE BRAIN IN MOVEMENT TODAY! We look forward to having you🥳.


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